The 1993 - 2002 4th Gen

Camaro and Firebird

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These are files, links and websites, that I've collected over the years.  All of these are scattered over the internet and are hard to find, some have disappeared. Until now!

Cylinder Heads 


Cylinder Head Bolts: Replacing & Tightening


Verifying Pushrod Length And Rocker Arm Geometry







is the art of adjusting the rocker's axis below the roller tip centerline,

exactly HALF of whatever the NET valve lift is.




Chevy small / big block head flow charts


LS1/LS6 Head flows Ported/Non-Ported


LT1 vs. LT4 ... What are the Differences?


LS1 & LS6 Head Flow


Basic head porting


Camshafts and valvetrain


Effects Of Changes In Cam Timing And Lobe Separation Angle


Valve Guide Repair


Coil Spring Installed Height


The Ups and Downs of Valvesprings


Controlling Valve Bounce With Beehive Valvesprings


Camshaft Profiling - Performance Profiling


Pushrod Length & Rocker Arm Geometry


Valve Spring Checklist





Checking main bearing clearances & crank endplay




All About o2 Sensors


Code 45 as set on GM products by the oxygen sensor


understanding air flow sensors PDF file


Vehicle speed sensor PDF file



Fuel / Pumps / Injectors


Here's a detailed view of the Summit non-polished 58mm throttle body.


Air fuel and injector rates





Computer Programmers / Scanners / Software


PCM tuning sites / Hardware / Help info


LT1 Idle Tuning By DanK from


Tuning Tips by Bruce Plecan


Understanding the GENIII LS1/LS6 Control Systems and PCM


OBDII Computer Relearning Procedures


MAF Sensor Calibration Tables


OBD-II Codes Home





Spark Plug Firing End Analysis


Reading spark plugs


Optispark / Electrical


LT-1 Ignition System - Getting to Know the Opti-Spark


DLC diagram


01Firebird LS1 ECM wiring diagram


93 Firebird LT1 ECM wiring diagram


93 Firebird V6 ECM wiring diagram


92 Camaro ECM wiring diagram


99 LS1 PCM to Dash Harness


1998 PCM Pinout


1999 PCM Pinout





LS1 / LT1 clutch bleeding, WITHOUT getting under the car


Advanced Clutch Diagnostics


Hydraulic Clutch Problems


Clutch - Advanced


Clutch Replacement


Clutch Troubleshooting  (This has lots of pictures)


Clutch Fundamentals


The Clutch - Doing the right thing


In the Clutch A Simple, No-Cost Fix for LS1 Camaro and Corvette Clutch Problems


Clutch Manual PDF File







Brake Articles


Anti-Lock Brakes General repair PDF File


Anti-Lock Brakes PDF File


anti lock brake precautions PDF file


Anti-Lock and TCS Control




Diagnosing the Rear


Rear Service Part 1


Rear Service Part 2


Moser 12 bolt install


differential / axle manual PDF file


differential / Limited Slip manual PDF file




Ball Joint wear specs


Wheel alignment specs PDF file


rear suspension PDF file


front suspension PDF file


suspension testing PDF file



A/C & heater repair


Cooling system and drive belt info


Engine Overheating: Causes & Cures


Air Conditioning & Cooling System Diagnosis & Repair


a/c compressor clutch control PDF file


a/c refrigerant checking PDF file


a/c compressor repair PDF file


a/c & heater inspection PDF file


a/c & heater system manual PDF file


a/c specs PDF file


a/c general servicing manual PDF file




Convertible top info


Rear window defogger PDF file


system wiring diagrams PDF file


Body Control Module PDF File


Anti-Theft System PDF File


air bag repair PDF file


cruise control manual PDF file


Door Locks Manual PDF File


Electrical Component / Relays Location PDF File




Exhaust Science Demystified


Troubleshooting Exhaust Problems


Troubleshooting a P0420 Catalytic Converter Code


Catalytic Converter Testing


High Performance Mufflers & Exhaust Systems





93-02 Camaro Parts Manual PDF File


93-02 Firebird Parts Manual Zip File


My BF Goodrich and Nitto Drag Radial Review


Carley Library of Automotive Repair Articles


Engine and VIN code locations




Camaro/Firebird RPO Codes


4th Gen F-Body Owner's Manuals


RPO Production Codes (LT1)


RPO Production Codes (LS1)


2001 LS1 vs. 2001 LS6 Comparisons


Torque Specs


How does your car work


Basic trouble shooting PDF file





How to calculate dynamic compression on a small-block chevy
1995 Engine Diagnostic Parameters V6
1996 Engine Diagnostic Parameters V6
1996 Engine Diagnostic Parameters LT1
1997 Engine Diagnostic Parameters Auto V6
1997 Engine Diagnostic Parameters Manual V6
1997 Engine Diagnostic Parameters LT1
1998 Engine Diagnostic Parameters V6
1998 Engine Diagnostic Parameters LS1
1999 Engine Diagnostic Parameters LS1
2000 Engine Diagnostic Parameters LS1
2001 Engine Diagnostic Parameters V6
2002 Engine Diagnostic Parameters V6
2002 Engine Diagnostic Parameters LS1
Dynamic Compression Ratio
3.8 engine repair PDF file
5.7 ls1 engine repair PDF file



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My BF Goodrich and Nitto Drag Radial Review


High Intensity Bulb Replacement for your Sealed Beam Head Lamps


LS1 / LT1 clutch bleeding, WITHOUT getting under the car


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