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LS1 / LT1 clutch bleeding

I have found a much better way to bleed the clutch master cylinder, WITHOUT getting under the car to use the bleeder screw.

WARNING - You assume all risk and safety for doing the above stated mod.  Myself or this website assumes no responsibly what so ever.  This is for instruction only!

Using a small amount of vacuum of 10-12 hg should not hurt the seals.  Using anymore vacuum may damage the internal seals.

Parts that are needed:

Mighty Vac

You can buy the Mighty Vac at any auto store or get a loaner from Autozone.

Brake fluid.

A friend.

First, setup the Mighty Vac to look like this.

Use one of the larger fittings or nozzles at the end of the hose like this.

Take the cap off the master cylinder.  Look down into the cup, you can see the hole where you are going to stick the Mighty Vac nozzle.

Insert the nozzle into the hole and apply about 10-12 hg of vacuum.  The vacuum should be enough to keep the nozzle stuck into the hole without holding the nozzle in place with your fingers. Keep fluid in the cup.

You may start to see air bubbles coming out thru the clear vacuum tube.  Have your friend slowly push the clutch pedal in and out.

Keep pressing on the clutch pedal in and out until you don't see anymore bubbles.

When no more bubbles are seen, use the vacuum release lever on the Mighty Vac to remove the vacuum pressure BEFORE removing the nozzle.  Add any fluid as needed and replace the cap.  Your done.  Take her for a test drive.


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LS1 / LT1 clutch bleeding, WITHOUT getting under the car


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