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BF Goodrich and

Nitto Drag Radial Review


The rim - ZR1 17x11

The tires - 315/35/17


My first purchase with a drag radial was the BFG.  It was a very sticky tire throughout it's lifetime.  The BFG hooked well in the street and at the track.  Driving the tire in the street was good as well as the handling.  If you go to the track a lot and frequent burnouts they won't last long.  You might get 1-3k miles or less.


When the BFG wore out, I purchased the Nitto's.  When I had the Nitto's mounted on the rim, the first thing I noticed that the tire was not as wide as the BFG's.  They were at least a 1/2" narrower on both sides.  That's 1" overall !  I have since wore out the Nitto tires.  I went back to the BFG's.  I feel that they hook better.


I have had both tires on long highway drives.  The preferred tire is the Nitto.  They seem to hold up better.  Both tires do grip way better then any regular performance street tire out there.


If you do a lot of driving then the Nitto tire is for you.  If not, then BFG tire is the way to go. 




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