The 1993 - 2002 4th Gen

Camaro and Firebird

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Air/Fuel Ratio - EGT - Knock - Boost - Data Logging - Realtime Dyno


The LM-1 Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter is accurate, affordable and features internal datalogging for real-world road testing.


Wideband Products

Want to measure vehicle performance such as horsepower and torque, 0-60 time, and the 1/4 mile? Auterra's Dyno-Scan is a full-featured OBD II diagnostic scan tool and handheld dyno in one!

Tech Edge Wideband AFR Meters

Tech Edge now offers three low cost wideband oxygen content (or Lambda) sensing units, in DIY (Do It Yourself) and prebuilt form


C.A.T.S has been providing software for the custom tuning of

GM Light trucks and high performance cars since 1992.

Performance Trends Inc

Producing Quality Computer Tools for Racers and Engine Builders since 1986

Product 4

G-Tech-The ultimate of all Performance Meters.

Tesla Electronics Inc.

How Fast is Your Car?

G-TECH/Pro Performance Meter will tell you



Troubleshoot your own car and turn off the
"Check Engine", "Service Engine Soon", or other
warning lamp and clear the trouble warnings.

Reads Trouble Codes

Reads conditions that set the Trouble Code

Clears Trouble Codes

Turns off "Check Engine" light

Make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes
to send to the vehicle computer

Shows 4 gauges at a time from the possible following:

Fuel Economy

Fuel Rate

Battery Voltage

Coolant Temperature

Intake Air Temperature

Engine Speed (RPM)

Vehicle speed (MPH)

Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)

Engine Load

Throttle Position

Ignition Timing

Open/Closed Loop

Automatically tracks three sets of trip data -

Current (short) Trip
Days (total) Trips
Previous Days Trip

Maximum Speed

Average Speed

Maximum Coolant Temperature

Maximum RPM

Driving Time

Driving Distance

Fuel Used

Trip Fuel Economy

Professional racers and serious performance enthusiasts ask for FAST™ by name because they know that our products contain the highest quality materials, tightest quality control, superior engineering, track proven success, and personal care


DiabloSport designs and manufactures the industry’s most unique line of performance products for the automotive industry

The World Leader In High-Performance Engine Tuning For Computer-Controlled Vehicles


DIY Fuel-Injection Tools:
Created by an EFI enthusiast for EFI enthusiasts like you!

At $395, the Acceleronics VersaFueler TM is by far the lowest cost way to run low-impedance injectors on your factory EFI engine

Jet Performance Products

Jet Performance Products is a proven leader in automotive tuning technology

MoTeC Systems USA

World Championship Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems

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Manufacturer of drag racing parts for over 25 years

Innovative Automotive Electrical

Diagnostic and Training Tools

LT1 Edit & Tunercat files

LT1 file database


The WORLDS best source of technical information for the

4th GEN F-Body Camaro and Firebird

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My BF Goodrich and Nitto Drag Radial Review


High Intensity Bulb Replacement for your Sealed Beam Head Lamps


LS1 / LT1 clutch bleeding, WITHOUT getting under the car


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