RPO Production Codes (LS1)

AG1 - Power Adjuster, Driver Front Seat, Multi-Directional

AK5 - Inflatable Restraint System, Driver and Passenger Seat

AQ9 - Front Bucket Seat, Driver and Passenger Recline

AR9 - Front Bucket Seat, Driver and Passenger Recline, European Style

AU0 - Remote Entry Lock Control

AU3 - Side Door Electric Lock Control

AX4 - Restraint Conversion Seat, Manual European

A26 - Window Glazing, European

A31 - Window, Power Operated, All Doors

A90 - Lock Control, Right Component Lid, Remote Control Electronic Release

BAG - Parts Package Export

BBS - Knob Shifter Hurst

B35 - Covering Rear Floor Mats

B9W - Wiring Provisions, DRL Override

CC1 - Roof Hatch Removable Panels, Glass

C49 - Rear Window Defogger, Electric

C60 - HVAC System AC Manual Controls, Front

DD9 - Mirror, Breakaway, O/S LH & RH Remote Control Electric Color

DE4 - Sunshade, Removable Hatch Roof

DG7 - Mirror, O/S LH & RH Remote Control Electric Color

DL5 - Decal, Roadside Service Information

DS1 - Sales, Diplomatic

D21 - Sunshade, Windshield

D35 - Mirror, O/S LH Remote Control, RH Manual Control, Color

ETA - Harness, I/P Wiring #1

FE2 - Suspension System, Ride and Handling

FE4 - Suspension System, Special Ride and Handling

FE9 - Certification, Federal Emission

FLT - Fleet Processing Option

F41 - Suspension System, Front and Rear Firm Ride and Handling

GU2 - Axle Ratio 2.73, Rear

GU4 - Axle Ratio 3.08, Rear

GU5 - Axle Ratio 3.23, Rear

GU6 - Axle Ratio 3.42, Rear

G80 - Axle Positraction, Limited Slip

JAF - Brake Provisions, European

J65 - Brake System, Power, Front and Rear Disc

K05 - Heater, Engine Block

K29 - Module Powertrain Control

K34 - Cruise Control, Automatic, Electronic

K43 - Generator, 102 Amp

K68 - Generator, 105 Amp

LS1 - Engine, Gas V8 5.7L SFI Aluminum

L36 - Engine, Gas V6 3.8L MFI HO

MAE - Marketing Area Europe

MM5 - Merchandised Transmission, Manual 5 Speed

MM6 - Transmission, Manual 6 Speed O/D

MN6 - Merchandised Transmission, Manual 6 Speed

MX0 - Merchandised Transmission, Automatic O/D

M30 - Transmission, Auto 4 Speed Electronic

M49 - Transmission, Manual 5 Speed O/D

NA3 - Emission System, Japan

NC1 - Emission System, California

NF7 - Emission System, Federal

NK3 - Steering Wheel, Sport, Soft Rim, Simulated Leather

NM2 - Emission System Export, Leaded Fuel

NP5 - Steering Wheel, Leather Wrapped

NP7 - Steering Column, EEC Approved

NT3 - Emission System, EEC 00

NW9 - Traction Control, Electronic

N36 - Steering Wheel, 4 Spoke Sport

N60 - Wheel, Aluminum, Painted

N66 - Wheel, Styled Aluminum

N73 - Wheel, Custom Sport Var4 17"

N92 - Cover, Wheel, Bolt-on

N96 - Wheel, 16 X 8 Cast Aluminum

N98 - Wheel, 16 X 8 Cast Aluminum Chrome

PA6 - Wheel, Styled Painted

PW7 - Wheel, 16 X 8 Aluminum Styled

P05 - Wheel, Chrome

QB3 - Wheel, 16 X 7.5 Steel

QCB - Tire, All P235/55R16-96T BW AL2

QEA - Tire, All P215/60R16-94T BW AL2

QFK - Tire, All P275/40R17-93W BW HW4

QFZ - Tire, All P245/50R16 BWAL3

QF6 - Wheel 17 X 9, Aluminum

QII - Tire, All P215/60R16-94H BW AL3

QLC - Tire, All P245/50R16/N BL HW4

TR7 - Headlamps, Control Leveling System, Automatic

T2H - Ornamentation Exterior, Export Unique Requirements

T2J - Ornamentation Interior, Export Unique Requirements

T37 - Lamp, Fog, Deluxe

T39 - Lamp, Turn Signal, Auxiliary

T43 - Spoiler, Rear

T65 - Lamp System, Daytime Running, Export

T72 - Headlamps, LH, Rule of the Road

T78 - Headlamp Control, Delete

T79 - Lamp, Fog Rear

T82 - Headlamp Control, Automatic ON-OFF

T84 - Headlamps, RH Rule of the Road

T85 - Headlamps, LH Rule of the Road

T89 - Lamp, Tail & Stop, Export

T90 - Lamp, Signaling and Marker, Export

T96 - Lamp, Fog

UA6 - Theft Deterrent System

UB3 - Cluster, Instrument, Oil Cool Temp Volts Trip Odom Tach

UC2 - Speedometer, Instrument, Kilo & Miles, Positive Bias

UD4 - Alarm, Vehicle Speed, 120 K/H

UK1 - Frequencies, Japanese

UK2 - Lever, Directional Signal, Includes Multi-Functions

UK3 - Control, Steering Wheel, Accessory

UL0 - Radio, AM/FM Stereo Seek/Scan Auto Rev Music Search Cass Auto-Tone Clock ETR

UL2 - Frequencies, European

UL8 - Frequencies, Saudi Arabian

UM6 - Radio, AM/FM Stereo Seek/Scan Auto Rev Cass Clock ETR

UN0 - Radio, AM/FM Stereo Seek/Scan Compact Disc Auto Tone Clock ETR

UQ0 - Speaker System, 4 Dual Front Door Mounted, Dual STD RGE, Qtr/Shelf

UW3 - Radio, AM/FM Stereo Seek/Scan, Auto Rev Music Search Cass Data System Clock ETR

UZ7 - Speaker System 8, Quad Front Door Mounted, Dual Sail Panel, Dual Rear Hatch Amplifier

U12 - Speedometer, Dual Scale with Kilometer Odometer

U19 - Speedometer, Instrument, Kilo & Miles, Kilo Odometer

U59 - Speaker System 8, Dual Front Door Mounted, Quad Sail Panel, Amplifier

U73 - Antenna, Fixed Radio

U75 - Antenna, Power Radio

VA5 - Language Label, English

VD1 - Provision Options, Europe

VE1 - Provision Options, Japan

VE2 - Protector Source Applied

VG1 - Protector, Underhood Compound, Clear

VG4 - Protector, Undervehicle Compound, Black

VG9 - Protector Wax, Exterior Body

VH5 - Plate Vehicle Identification

VI6 - Fleet Incentive, American Standard

VJ1 - License Plate Rear Mounting Package, Japanese

VK3 - License Plate, Front Mounting Package

VL4 - License Plate, Front Mounting Package, EEC

VL5 - License Plate, Rear Mounting Package, Export

VL6 - License Plate, Front Mounting Package, Japanese

VP6 - Noise Control

VR6 - Hook, Tie-Down, Shipping

VR7 - Hook, Tow, Second, Rear

V12 - Cooling System, Power Steering Fluid

V76 - Hook, Tow

WS6 - Performance Package Special

WX7 - Wiring Provisions

W53 - Entertainment System Option C

W54 - Entertainment System Option D

W55 - Entertainment System Option E

W66 - Merchandised Package, Formula

W68 - Sales Package, Firebird Ground Effects

X10 - Entertainment System, Option L

X20 - Entertainment System, Option M

Y3F - Sales Package, Sport, Appearance Upfitter

Y4A - Exhaust Cat Back

Y4B - Provisions Level II Ultra Performance Suspension

Y4C - Lubricant Engine Oil & Performance

Y4D - Axle Torque Sensing Differential

Y4E - Cooling System Engine Oil

Y4F - Provisions Hurst Shifter

Y4G - Provisions Chrome Wheels

Y4H - Ornamentation Dash Plaque & Key Fobs

Y4J - Covering Floor Front Mats

Y4K - Protector Car Cover

Y4L - Provisions Spoiler

Y81 - Merchandised Package, Firebird

Y82 - Merchandised Package, Firebird, Trans Am

Y84 - Merchandised Package, Firebird Trans Am, GTA

Y87 - Merchandised Package, Performance Enhancement

1R3 - Vehicle Identification Label 1

1R4 - Vehicle Identification Label 2


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